JUDITH HANN'S herb garden, containing over 150 different herbs, transformed her cooking so dramatically that she decided to run courses to teach other herb enthusiasts everything she had learned over many years of growing herbs and writing about healthy food.Judith made her beautiful herb garden from a derelict pig yard on her small farm in the South Cotswolds. The stone walls not only house figs, Morello cherries, roses, grapes and Japanese wineberries, they also trap the sensuous scents of the herbs and protect the plants so that they can thrive throughout the year.

During the courses at HANN'S HERBS, visitors learn how to cook with herbs and how to grow them successfully. They taste many herbs, first in their raw state and then after cooking. They are shown how to make herb vinegars, oils flavoured by herbs and recipes that can be frozen for winter use,like soups, sauces, pesto and tapenade. There are hints on which herbs can be grown from your own seeds, collected and dried, and which are better reproduced by taking cuttings. The teaching is done both in a listed stone barn and in the herb garden itself. Judith describes and demonstrates recipes she has devised over four decades of cooking.

In that time she has written newspaper columns and two books on healthy food and presented the 8-part BBC TV series, The Taste of Health. Filming those programmes with Britain's most talented chefs, like Raymond Blanc and Antonio Carluccio, taught her even more about cooking with herbs. She went on to write about many of her favourite culinary herbs in her book The Food of Love and in the Herb Society magazine, HERBS, before becoming the Society's president for two years. She is now thrilled by the brilliant reviews and sales of her new book called HERBS, which includes all of her popular recipes and information on how to grow herbs successfully. Rick Stein made her one of his Food Heroes, when he filmed in her herb garden and ate food full of herbs cooked by Judith in her kitchen. The film is seen at the start of each course.

Visitors to HANN'S HERBS discover which herbs work best with different types of fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and cheese. Judith uses many herbs which are simple to grow but hard to buy in food shops in the UK, like lovage, chervil, sorrel and oregano. After tasting all the herbs, Judith then explains how to grow them,including which species prefer poor ground or rich soil and which like shade or sunshine.

The courses end with everyone exploring the magical gardens around the farm, which include six acres of formal garden rooms and wilder woodland and water gardens. There are seeds, cuttings and herb plants to take home.

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