cookery courses


 Judith Hann will be running half day courses throughout June 2019 to show how herbs are Gods in the kitchen. Even the borage flowers, seen above, are used in several recipes, from serving in simple salads to making chilled borage and cucumber soup for a hot summer’s day. She explains how using  soft herbs like chives and chervil is different to preparing  hard herbs like bay and thyme.

THE TOP HERBS TO TRANSFORM YOUR FOOD. Taste Judith's favourite herbs raw and then see them transformed into favourite recipes. Learn which herbs are the best to use with which foods and then how to grow them successfully. For example, when to sow annual herbs and salad herbs like rockets, mustards and Japanese varieties like mizuna. When to prune, take cuttings, harvest and store herbs. DESIGN WITH HERBS. The best herbs for hedges and edging beds. Which thrive against walls or in the shade of other plants. Herbs for visual impact and for attracting birds and butterflies.

  This is one typical reaction to the courses:

  " Many thanks for a splendid day and your warm hospitality. It was very entertaining and has given me many ideas and instructions to be getting on with. I loved the way the day was split into a number of different activities and locations ... and what a fabulous setting inside and out. Congratulations on creating such a good setup. I have only been to one other similar experience ( a day of cooking at Gordon Ramsey's - Royal Hospital Road) and today knocked spots off it.

  Thanks so much - Steve."

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